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Put some zip in your cooking!
Our grilling marinades will add a distinctive flavor to meat, fish and poultry.
If you love wings - we have some sauces that will add some real heat.

For pasta and salads - our dressings will give your dishes a great new zest.

Toppings for ice cream and fruit - new tastes!


Key Lime Mustard Sauce
The classic Sauce for Stone Crabs.
Try this on shrimp. salad or fish or zip up a veggie dip. All Natural
12.5 oz-----$7.99  
      (Stock #20207)
Hot Mustard Sauce
With Peruvian hot yellow peppers
12.5 oz-----$7.99
          (Stock #20208)
  Key Lime Pepper
Your guests will love the added flavor. One
of our biggest sellers.

4.5 oz-----$$6.99

Key West Cuban Marinade
Use as a marinade and basting sauce for all meats, pork, poultry and seafood. Exotic condiment for burritos and fajitas.
12 oz-----$6.99

Key West Style
Traditional Marinade

From Nellie & Joe's, this is all-natural and great for chicken and seafood marinade. Use as a sauce for tossed salads and pasta.
12 oz. ---$6.99

  Key West Style Mojo Crillo
On pork - sensational! Use as a marinade or basting sauce for chicken and fish as well - excellent dressing for salads and pastas
12 oz-----$6.99
    Mango Key Lime Juice
Tangy Key Lime and succulent sweet mango - what a unique taste! Great for Key Lime pies!
12 oz-----$6.99

Mango-Mango Salsa
Dip for chips and veggies; try a dollop with a bite of fish, chicken or pork. All Natural
    Key Lime Savory Oil
Great for salads, any white fish or chicken. All Natural.
12 oz-----$7.99
Stock # 10118

Key Lime
Honey-Mustard Sauce

12.5 oz-----$6.99


  Tortuga Hell-Fire Sauce
Shake Carefully! Add this to your wings if you dare.
5 0z of fire-----

Key Lime Grilling Sauce
The unique tang of key lime adds a subtle flavor to meat and fish.

12 oz.------$6.99
  Key Lime Mango Ginger Sauce
Versatile tropical sauce for meats, poultry and seafood - an exotic grilling marinade
12 oz-----$

Key Lime BBQ Sauce
Zesty and unique - this is heaven sent for the grill!
12 oz-----$7.99
(Stock # 10507)
    Key Lime Honey Mustard Marinade and Dressing
Our own formula, marinade or glaze on fish, meat and poultry. Great veggie dip and a little zip on sandwiches
12.5 oz-----$

Key Lime Pepper
Marinade and Dressing

Try this with pork Chops and drive the family wild. Veggie dip & salad dressing.
12.5 oz-----$7.99
(Stock # 10518)

Key Lime Tropical Salsa
Delightful combination of mangos, pineapples, peppers and some zippy chilies...
12 0z-----$6.99

Key Lime Heat
Add to your wings for a zippy sauce!
12 0z-----$7.99
Stock # 10505

Key Lime Hot Sauce
Great hot sauce for wings
12 oz-----$7.99
Stock # 10506